The Brush-Fires Are Spreading!

Bylaws of the Sons of Liberty

We, as the leadership of the Sons of Liberty State Chapters, would like to announce a change in the direction of this organization. For years we have watched the political system here in America, and abroad, grow increasingly corrupt and violent towards itself, other nations, and to even the people that it was put in place to protect. To continue supporting such a system is no longer agreeable with our conscience. Therefore, it is this organization’s belief that the time has come for us to support and actively promote noncompliance of this system by way of dedicating our time, energy, and talents to supporting our local communities.

As far as personal conduct goes, honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility are qualities we will hold each and every chapter head to. Without these qualities, a person will find no home here.

Our leadership is united under the direction of Jon Schaffer, and the final decision in regards to chapter business rests on his shoulders. This is a voluntary organization that promotes peaceful non-compliance towards the current political system. Any chapter head found encouraging violence or aggression towards an individual or any law enforcement agency will be dismissed immediately, without question.

When approached by an individual wanting to start a chapter, (we only allow one per state to maintain simplicity) it is under the condition that the chapter will be considered in a probationary status for 3 months. At the end of this period, if the member still feels they would like to continue with Sons of Liberty, then they will be made a full-fledged chapter head. Any non-sanctioned use of the Sons of Liberty Music Project logo, or presumed affiliation with the State Chapters as their organization may be subjected to legal action if repeated requests to differentiate
themselves are not honored.

We ask only that as head of your state chapter, you maintain your page with respect to what we are trying to accomplish. Posting information on your page at least once a month is a reasonable request. We understand that from time to time, a break is needed to regain clarity. Please be considerate and contact someone to let them know you are stepping away for a period of time. It is not permission, it is just communication. If a page remains inactive for a period of 1 month, and no one has let us know they are taking some time away, it may be assumed that you as a chapter head may not wish to continue on with this organization. Every effort will be made to contact that chapter head in hopes that the chapter can be preserved, and
any underlying issue can be resolved.

There is also going to be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regards to conduct with other chapter heads. There are days when the only people who have your back are other chapter heads. While debate is always accepted infighting is not. If you have an issue with a Chapter Head YOU need to take the responsibility to work things out with that chapter head.

Last but not least, ANY chapter that is NOT Listed on the Sons Of Liberty website is in no way affiliated with the SOL chapters. Recently a few “unofficial” chapters have popped up and they are posting things that don’t line up with the SOL values. As always, when in doubt about a certain chapter, ASK!