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Top 10 Best Classic Rock Albums To Own On Vinyl

Top 10 Best Classic Rock Albums To Own On Vinyl

Vinyl records are not a relic from the past anymore. The renaissance of vinyl records and cassette players has been welcomed by music lovers worldwide in recent years.

When you listen to a piece of rock, a solid and reliable disk of vinyl is always very special – and it can be sonic bliss when you enjoy them on a decent record player.

If you want to broaden your record collection, many of the most popular rock albums can’t all go wrong. These are the best classic rock to own on vinyl in your set from AC / DC and Black Sabbath to Queen and Rolling Stones. (more…)

Piano Rock Band – The Top 12 That You Would Fall In Love With!

Piano Rock Band

If you are a big fan of rock music, you may know for sure that there is a variety of genres such as alternative rock, blues rock, folk rock, heavy metal, punk rock, to name but a few.

But have you ever tried searching for some sort of bizarre combination of piano and rock? Lucky for you, here is the list of top 12 to add to your music list.


Top 13 Easy Songs To Play On Electric Guitar

Easy songs to play on electric guitar

As an iconic piece of the modern music scene, electric guitars are one of those instruments that gave all of us a desire to learn them, at one point or another. With adequate knowledge of strumming and the basics of chords, these songs will be right up your alley!


11 Best Piano Rock Songs Could Set Your Mind Free

Best Piano Rock Songs

I will say a name that will ring a bell to every music fan out there: Ben Folds

This man is responsible for setting the standards and being the face for this musical genre, alongside famous names like Billy Joel and Elton John

Without further ado, let’s get down to listening to the best of the best it has to offer!


Top 12 Easy Rock Guitar Songs For You To Play Along

Easy Rock Guitar Songs

There is nothing like learning to play the guitar! Whether you are looking to get into the professional scene or for your pleasures, learning such a gracious instrument is a life-changing experience!

There are many reasons why beginners tend to stop playing the guitar, but don’t let any of them stop you, learning the guitar basics is quite easy!

In this article, you will get a set of songs to get you started.


9 Long Classic Rock Songs To Enjoy

Long Classic Rock Songs

Ok, guys, you all know about the rock songs that pushed the boundaries and set themselves as the most epic pieces of art that defined a whole generation of music by their contribution alone.

But how about the songs that pushed boundaries in terms of sheer length?

Legendary by context and by duration, these beauties will shock your expectations!


Top 10 Upbeat Rock Songs That Lift Your Spirits

Upbeat Rock Songs

What’s a good way to deal when you are feeling kicked down by life?

For some, it might be food

For others, it can be exercises

For us, it is good old rock with a tune that will bring us up from the dirt and back on our track, and these are one of the best songs just for that!