Top 10 Best Classic Rock Albums To Own On Vinyl

Top 10 Best Classic Rock Albums To Own On Vinyl

Vinyl records are not a relic from the past anymore. The renaissance of vinyl records and cassette players has been welcomed by music lovers worldwide in recent years.

When you listen to a piece of rock, a solid and reliable disk of vinyl is always very special – and it can be sonic bliss when you enjoy them on a decent record player.

If you want to broaden your record collection, many of the most popular rock albums can’t all go wrong. These are the best classic rock to own on vinyl in your set from AC / DC and Black Sabbath to Queen and Rolling Stones.

“Back In Black” – AC/DC

“Back In Black” – ACDC

Without the iconic sounds that AC / DC introduced to the genre, it is impossible to envision rock music. About every new guitarist knows “Back in Black” – the leading single on the record, which makes the notes set easily identifiable.

Back in Black are full of meaty riffs any beginner guitar player can try to learn for at least once, and it even has solos that seasoned players love to imitate. Tracks like You Shook Me All Night Long has infection choirs suited to the huge stadiums which they ultimately fill, while Shoot To Thrill is a punk anthem full of adrenaline which will be included in film soundtracks years later.

Backs in Black’s infectious riffs and insightful lyrics are so associated with rock music that even the novice listeners are recognized, while the songs remain staple over the years during AC / DC’s live shows.

“Led Zeppelin IV” – Led Zeppelin

“Led Zeppelin IV” – Led Zeppelin

Choosing only 1 Led Zeppelin’s album to join this selection is undoubtedly a risk, but its 4th studio album features too many gems to quit. The band’s most famous hit, “Stairway to Heaven,” is adequate to make music lovers speechless.

But there is definitely no limit to the brilliance of this release. Apart from “Stairway to Heaven,” songs like “When the Levee Breaks,” “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Black Dog” by Memphis Minnie all were groundbreaking records intended to create the heaviest rhythm and startling clear guitar overdrives and vocals. When playing loud, it feels as though the band is a few meters away in the same room.

Regardless of the sort of rock you want to channel, you could find this in the iconic Led Zeppelin version.

“Sticky Fingers” – The Rolling Stones

“Sticky Fingers” - The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers was the first LP to be issued on its own Rolling Stones records by The Rolling Stones. Mick Taylor, who replaced the guitarist Brian Jones in 1969, is also the first one on the record. The Who’s Pete Townshend is probably the most impressive, believed to have contributed to Sway’s supporting voices, of the handful of guest musicians on the album.

In addition to being revered as one of the greatest The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers features one of the most classic rock songs. The cover art is also timeless and important for all vinyl lovers to pride themselves on their vinyl shelves. Andy Warhol first designed the cover of the record.

On the original vinyl, the zipper on the jeans of Mick Jagger opens with the name and the curious line of Warhol: “This is maybe not a photograph, etc.” The renowned tongue of the Rolling Stones has made its appearance on “Sticky Fingers,” an image still today popular for the album. The album was newly refurbished in 2015 for vinyl.

“The Wall” – Pink Floyd

“The Wall” – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s The Wall is now considered to be one of the first groundbreaking concept albums on the most important rock albums. This concept album highlights the artistic and narrative skill of the collective by highlighting heavy subjects like imperialism, corruption, and alienation.

The fact that all of these problems continue to prevail in culture and, sadly, are still a reality for most people makes this record so meaningful even today. This album covers a wide array of topics and tones that make for an enjoyable audio experience from famous anti-establishment song “Another Brick in the Wall” towards the more ballad style “Goodbye Blue Sky.

It tells the story of Pink, a disturbing young man brought up by a mother who is overly protective who attempts to crack the shield in his head that the dominant figures created in his life.

This is a traumatic story that many can relate to or at least appreciate, not just because so many people have endured similar suffering in life, but also because it is a real story.

Listening to the vinyl record is a great treat for one of the best artists of all time.

The vinyl has four sides and has an 80-minute working period that adds to its lengthy, winding and rich material. There is also a full website that has a huge influence on music and social commentary.

“Rumours” – Fleetwood Mac

“Rumours” – Fleetwood Mac

On its 11th album, Fleetwood Mac produced a bitter masterpiece fueling one of the most notorious rock melodramas. The deeply intimate Rumors, released in 1977, sold over forty million copies worldwide and remains to be one of the world’s highest selling albums.

The legendary record, which won the 1978 Grammy award for Album Of The Year, not only contains Fleetwood Mac’s greatest work but also some of the greatest songwriting ever.

Her success is booked not only by her sincerity and vulnerabilities but also by Stevie Nicks ‘s commitment to her turbulent lyricism, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine and John McVie.

If you like less aggressive rock music and more melodic, “Rumors” can suit you well. For more conventional output Fleetwood Mac flows away from the heavy and brooding sounds of Black Sabbath and AC / DC.

Recently, rumors were remastered and written for vinyl because of its musical contribution and success in rock and pop genres. Many vinyl record stores have a copy.

”Paranoid” – Black Sabbath

”Paranoid” – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is regarded as the pioneers of heavy metal music according to several genre scholars.

This is exactly mirrored in their gloomy and powerful collection of songs, “Paranoid.”

The one-two opening shot of War Pigs and Paranoid can not be changed in the metal world itself. Former war critic and in particular the policy of the US government on Vietnam, lyricist and bassist Geezer Butler sees it as a high-level matter – even though he cannot see a finer means of rhyming ‘masses’ than himself in ‘Generals assembled in their masses,’ such as witches in the black masses.

The latter, a mentally insecure paean, is perhaps the best-known Sabbath piece, performed at an unusual, non-doomy tempo. The album then continues to Planet Caravan, a gorgeous, landscaped tune, a sensual instrumental blow before the pulverizing hammer blow from Iron Man.

If you are a metal lover or just love fine, heavy music, this genius compilation of tracks is definitely deserving of place in your own list of classical rock masterpieces.

“A Night At The Opera” – Queen

“A Night At The Opera” – Queen

A Night at the Opera is the 4th studio album of Queen and one of the most costly rock albums ever made when it was released.

Its inspiring, soulful Bohemian Rhapsody has been shaking the world since its famous release, which includes the big hit “You’re My Best Friend,” is a key movie dream album.

The wide variety of instruments included music hall, ballad  and hard rock styles added both to their impressive budget and their super-conscious sound. The vocals of Freddie Mercury are varied and represent well on the vinyl release of this flagship rock record.

Make damn sure you get the re-mastered edition if you purchase it for your vinyl albums set. The re-mastering lifts and clarifies the seamless voice of Mercury.

“Who’s Next” – The Who

“Who’s Next” - The Who

Who’s Next, The Who’s the rawest, most strong and great record, was released in 1971 is very difficult to trust.

Just in the flowery 1960s, guitar-songwriter and vocalist Pete Townshend set about Lifehouse, a dystopian fantasy album so epic in scale as suggested, it left Tommy’s deaf-dumb-blind-pinball playful story scarce in contrast.

Whilst Townshend’s weird concepts ultimately got away from him, it performed the best: Who’s Next, a bastardized version of the original concept record, is a seminal marvel of hard rock, clustered from top to bottom with hits such as ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again,’ ‘Behind Blues Eyees,’ ‘Bargain,’ ‘Baba O’Riley,’ and all of them.

“Are You Experienced” – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Are You Experienced

As one of the best albums of all period, Are You Experienced continues to be a huge landmark in the history of rock musical over 50 years since its publication, cementing Jimi Hendrix ‘s place as the original guitar hero.

He mastered a synthesis of psychedelic songwriting on the 1967 Axis: brazen as passion, but on have you experienced?  His debut album, The Experience (drummer Mitch Mitchell, bassist Noel Redding), manipulated at the height of his strength the sound of a violent, entertaining power trio. “Foxy Woman” has one of the nastiest riffs ever recorded and “Fire” is the rock song most aptly named.

The first UK version of the LP in May 1967 had a mono mix, but a stereo mix was also released in August the same year. The two versions vary severally, including the drum on Might This Be Love and the sound of the Hendrix flipping pages of the lyrics that are not noticeable in the mono mix.

In a decade that is marked by extensive global paradigm changes, the music of The Beatles allowed young people in the world to recognize their shifting times.

Before the advent of Sgt Pepper in 1967, the Beatles seemed bland. In 1966 the band announced that they would refrain from live concerts and reports of their failure. It did not help ease the rumours that all four participants took a three-month holiday.

Yet the Fab Four will focus on their most ambitious endeavor to knock down sales records amid the fact that there were no individuals to promote it.

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” – The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The band has the best rock songs. Much like John Lennon, Paul McCartney , George Harrison and Ringo Starr went from nice handheld mop tops to psychedelic luminaries, they have given the public the chance to appreciate the difficult and radical change in the guards.

With the vinyl edition, the Beatles added many items to make the fan’s listening experience at home more engaging. Sgt Pepper was the first rock LP to have the words printed on the cover of their albums, magazines usually only publish them before that.

The original vinyl pressings were also provided with a sheet of card with several outlines, including a falling moustache, sergeant strips and a stand of the four Beatles.

Over the years there have been many vivid vinyl pressings, including in red , black, orange, a pink and grey marbled version of Canada and a photo archive showing the famous album artwork.

As the classic artwork of this record, the music of the collective features a clever and accidental musical hodgepodge, sewn together in sync with the continuously shifting soundtrack of the 1960s.

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