Top 13 Easy Songs To Play On Electric Guitar

Easy songs to play on electric guitar

As an iconic piece of the modern music scene, electric guitars are one of those instruments that gave all of us a desire to learn them, at one point or another. With adequate knowledge of strumming and the basics of chords, these songs will be right up your alley!

1. Don’t Fear The Reaper – Blue Öyster Cult

A song with a haunting vibe with a wise message.

Blue Oyster Cult was one of the renowned cult bands with a rich discography. The song has a deep and haunting tone, intending to highlight the importance of accepting the inevitable demise as a normal part of life.

It is quite easy to play, and a nice starting point.

2. Low – Cracker

This hit from 1993 is a basic level song that you can play with just four chords ( E, C, G, D), excellent for beginners.

3. It Hurts Me Too – Elmore James

This classic will make concepts such as sorrow and pain in a completely different way with its choice of popular blues chords.

4. My Best Friend’s Girl – The Cars

Belonging to the debut album of The Cars in 1978, it is a combination of synthesizer pop and hard rock that is simple to play into a huge hit.

5. Cocaine – Eric Clapton

This song uses a lot of diversity in its execution – a perfect test of your skills.

If you feel slightly intimidated by its apparent complexity, at first sight, it’s central aspect is two power chords at the center and the rest you can pull off with the bare basics at your leisure.

6. Walk this way – Aerosmith

Ok, this song has one part I wish to recommend to you if you pick it immediately as a completely green musician.

The single note riff from the beginning presents a great opportunity for you to kick back and learn an important aspect that is played out in many different songs, and this one is the easiest to learn it from.

7. Wild Thing – The Troggs

One of the easiest on this lists, all you need to is a solid grasp of four chords and this song will send you back to the 1960’ in no time.

This is one of the songs both professionals and beginners can enjoy in equal measure.

8. Smoke on the Water – Deep purple

The opening to this song is necessary for every beginner to get a good grasp on before moving on to other aspects of their instrument, and this is a great song you can play without any issue.

Stick to it and you will learn to play the song nicely quite quickly.

9. Day Tripper – The Beatles

This choice will take you some time.

The main issue starting guitar players usually come across is the speed of the song and the iconic thematic riff presents a challenge, and that adds to the overall experience of playing this classic.

Practice it at a slower speed and slowly increase the tempo as you get a better grasp of the song.

10. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC

Another piece of music that will challenge you in a bit different way.

Its exclusive use of power chords and fast changes of them might be a bit overwhelming until you try it out but gets easier with every repetition.

11. Horse With No Name – America

This song is usually recommended for starting electric guitarists due to the repetitive composition of the four chords used during the song. It also uses D major 9 and D major 6, it is not difficult to learn and master them relatively quickly.

12. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

Keith Richard’s iconic guitar riff and the overall greatness of the song, it is no wonder why Rolling Stones and their “ rock- meets soul strut earned them the reputation as the “ greatest rock and rock band in the world”

This is an old classic that will make you the heart of any party.

13. Smoking Gun – Robert Cray

An uplifting song with a charming tone with a good amount of popularity even today

Robert Cray yet again showcases his musical mastery in this beautiful song. It can be learned fairly quickly and has been the subject of plenty of tutorial videos and tips on how to do so.


Music by itself is a source of enlightenment and the path of the guitar is an excellent choice to come around. The wonders of music can help you in many different ways and these songs will contribute immensely on your journey of betterment.

If you want to play the electric guitar by itself or with audio plugins, you have an excellent opportunity in front of you to start the right way!

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