Top 10 Upbeat Rock Songs That Lift Your Spirits

Upbeat Rock Songs

What’s a good way to deal when you are feeling kicked down by life?

For some, it might be food

For others, it can be exercises

For us, it is good old rock with a tune that will bring us up from the dirt and back on our track, and these are one of the best songs just for that!

1. Doctor Doctor – UFO

Released as a single from the band’s album “ Phenomenon” this song stuck out since the beginning.

Other bands, most notably Iron Maiden, have covered the song

You cannot go wrong with this one, as the song is an upbeat and thrilling piece that will change your day in no time.

2. Renegade – Styx

A cherished hit from the acclaimed rock band Styx released as a part of the album “ Pieces of Eight” this song will rock your day!

It tells the thrilling story of a criminal who was apprehended for a bounty put on his head, and as his execution comes closer, he is in a thoughtful state of what is to come. Reaching the Billboard Hot 100 in the same year of release, this hit is worth your ear on any day.

3. The Rocker – Thin Lizzy

A kick-ass tune hailing from Ireland, this song is a true rocker’s dream come true!

There are two versions of the song, the original, which was included in the album” Vagabonds of the Western World”, stretches for 5:17 timespan

The single version(without the extended guitar solo that made up the lengthy original, courtesy of the band’s guitarist Eric Bell)

Unfortunately, the song didn’t reach the UK charts but was No. 11 in its home country for four weeks. It was a favorite of the public and the song that left behind the legacy of Eric Bell after his departure and a segment of the live repertoire consisting of Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham.

Fun fact: The song was also implemented in the video game Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and in the movie Rush.

4. Tush – ZZ Top

This great song is not only the singular single from the well-received album “ Fandango!” but also the holder 67th place of the best hard rock song of all time, carried out by VH1. Tush saw it’s share of accomplishments that include being positioned at number 5 at the Chicago WLS and scoring at number 20 at the Billboard Top 100

It sees use today in a multitude of films and series such as “ King of the Hill” and Ghost Rider, which is all a testament to the greatness of this uplifting musical gem.

5. Call Me –Blondie

Sit back and enjoy the ride, as this song will inspire a feeling of nostalgia for an experience we have yet to feel.

With the tone of the ’80s beating every second, this song is akin to a breakup with a sweet girl you cannot get over, but somehow know you will get back sooner or later.

It is that good my friend… the emotions I will spark in you are something to be cherished.

6. Cherry Bomb – The Runaways

As funny as it sounds, the idea behind the title was created around Cherie Currie, the band’s lead singer who was 16 when the song was produced as an audition for her entry to the band.

The band’s signature song put them on the musical hallmarks taking the sixth place on Billboard’s weekly chart Bubbling Under Hot 100.

7. Teenage Kicks – The Undertones

The single that launched this Derry band onto the spotlight.

This band came from North Ireland and, despite their ordeals, opted for a light-hearted exploration of teenage life in a thought-provoking manner!

8. 7 and 7 is – Love

Regarded as one of the first protopunk bands, with heavy inspirations from Arthur Lee’s sweetheart from high school, as well as a lot of personal thoughts on his teenage lift and how lonely he used to feel during that period of his life with clear references.

A fine example of proto-punk and well-established garage rock, this song was re-recorded by many other bands as a testament to its lasting quality within the genre, you will feel the soul put into this piece very quickly

9. Schools out – Alice Cooper

The anathema of every form of school boredom, this is the song we all love to play as soon as there are only minutes remaining from the last class until that sweet craving for freedom teens love so much!

A blast from the past that lifted the mood of so many of us during the past will light your spirit up with a cheerful and colorful tone that is fit for every occasion.

10. Keep Pushing on -REO Speedwagon

The cherry on top of this list, this song was released within the album R.E.O. with immediate success following soon as it was placed on the 159 place on the Billboard 200 chart and it was the time when Kevin Cronin returned to the band.

The song has a strong and calming tone, with Gregg Philbin’ iconic play before his replacement with Bruce Hall

A very inspirational song that will give you the energy to keep pushing on!


Be it on a rainy, a sunny or even a cloudy day, these songs aspire conviction and fortitude that are never in short supply! A lot of the artists themselves had many burdens on their path and they prevailed, the songs are marks of a musician’s struggles put to life.

No matter the occasion, remember the message that will carry you through every problem :


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